Seventy Seven Enterprises’ in-house photographer allows our clients the ability to capture photos of their events, which has the immediate effect of elevating the marketability of the businesses we represent, not only to their customers and client-based, but to the Media as well.

The nationally-published, in-house photographer, can take, edit and provide photos for any and all events, from charity galas, to motor sports, to photos for all marketing material.

If just to catalog and remember your event, photos can be an invaluable resource to the growth of your company, as well as offer the opportunity to supply pre-packaged content to any interested Media outlet. Between a journalist and a photographer, we can package up an event from start to finish.

Also as part of the photography aspect at Seventy Seven Enterprise is the creative and design element. The Team at Seventy Seven can consult and brainstorm anything from logos, business cards, event design, flyers, Social Media posts and book covers — the possibilities are endless.

To date, there is nothing that has crossed the desks of the team at Seventy Seven Enterprise that they haven’t been able to conquer creatively.

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