The Team

Kelsey Duckett:
An award-winning writer with a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Columbia College Chicago, Kelsey is the total package. She is a disciplined writer, who has extensive experience in business and economic impact stories, as well as features and editorial content.

Kelsey is a charismatic person, who brings out the best in those she works with. Clients, reporters and editors alike are drawn to Kelsey, and her unique ability to make them feel comfortable. Media personalities and producers look to Kelsey as she has a proven track record of delivering unique, newsworthy and timely story angles and content.

Kelsey is a detail-oriented go-getter, who will ensure great coverage with multi-faceted story ideas and national connections.

Sadina Zaccari:
A nationally-published photographer, Sadina is a “Jane-of-all” trades. She handles day-to-day operations, and is detail-oriented, organized and passionate.

Sadina handles all photography and video-related content for client and media needs. She has a strong background in customer service and client relations, and will go the extra mile to ensure success.

Sadina is personable, intelligent and multi-faceted, as she can shoot video and photos, write and edit.

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