Media Relations: Huntington Beach Independent, Harbor Barber


By Anthony Carpio, Huntington Beach Independent

It seems like every weekend there’s a charity event raising awareness of issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism and various types of cancer. However, a Huntington Beach barber thinks more should be done about testicular cancer.

“Guys are too manly to talk about [it],” said Greg Krupa, founder of Harbor Barber at 17212 Pacific Coast Highway. “I’ve never gotten professionally examined, but I’ve done it to myself because I was curious and wanted to know what I should be looking for.”

Krupa said he doesn’t know anyone who has had testicular cancer but noticed a lot of charity events for breast cancer and not many for the male disease.

To grab people’s attention about the issue, Krupa, 38, of Long Beach, decided that during April, which is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, he would give a 50% discount on his shop’s services to any customers who get a testicular exam by a doctor.

“I want them go to a doctor, get examined and take a selfie, but not in a graphic manner,” he said with a laugh. “Just something to show that they went.”

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